Buy Now, Pay later, Choose Happy

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About us.

Meet the team on a mission to build Africa's most responsible Buy Now Pay Later platform.

What We Believe In


What you see is what you get, no hidden nasties.

Win Win

We’re building a payments model that supports both shoppers and merchants.

Happy World

Sustainability at Happy Pay isn’t window dressing, it’s built into who we are and what we do.


We’re focused on building a payments
model in which all stakeholder,
including the planet, win.

Achieve this by:
Letting shoppers split their purchases over time, interest-free.
Helping merchants grow their businesses.
Donating 1% of our fees to planting Spekboom in South Africa.
Join us as we build a more equitable payments landscape in which we all win together!

Our Team


Shop now &
Choose Happy.

We offer shoppers the ability to split their payments equally over two paycheques, interest-free, and with zero deposits required.
We help merchants dramatically increase their average basket size and customer conversion metrics.
We will help the planet by donating 1% of our fees to Spekboom planting initiatives. We aim to be planting 20000+ Spekboom every year by 2023.

Let’s plant

1% of Happy Pay turnover goes towards planting Spekboom across South Africa with our awesome partners Respek Nature.