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We offset transaction impact with 1% of our fees and invite our merchants to do the same.

1% of all fees go to planting Spekboom in South Africa.


Our Fees Plant

1% of our fees are donated to planting Spekboom to offset carbon emissions in South Africa with ReSpek Nature.

How It Works


Everything you buy has an impact on the natural environment.


By choosing to checkout with Happy Pay, you automatically give 1% of the transaction fees of your purchase to offsetting your transaction impact through Spekboom planting.


By doing so you help lighten the impact of your purchase.



The spekboom (Portulacaria afra) is an Eastern Cape Karoo native miracle plant that has an amazing capacity to absorb or sequester carbon - in fact it's one of the most effective on the planet!

Impact in numbers

1 HA

1 hectare of spekboom

8.5 TC

Captures 8.5 carbon tonnes/year

48 875 KM

48 875km driven by an average car


Planting &
Job creation

With ReSpek Nature we've partnered with Jobs for Carbon to plant spekboom cuttings in degraded areas where they used to grow. These cuttings are sustainably harvested from healthy stands of spekboom, by local people who are employed through the project.
The indirect benefits of this project are far-reaching - in addition to job creation and restoration with the intent of carbon farming, the projects influence has permeated through the local community bringing tangible positive change to the lives of individuals directly and indirectly involved in the project, whilst simultaneously restoring the degraded landscape with spekboom.

Join the Happy
World pledge

Sign the Happy World Pledge, and automatically direct a fraction of your revenue to help scale Spekboom carbon sequestration in just a few clicks! Join a growing group of incredible businesses taking charge of their transaction impact.

We plan to grow Happy World into an aggregator of all the most incredible world bettering initiatives. For now, we’re focused on planting Spekboom.